Your Money or Your Time?
Why not both?


mytrackr allows you to efficiently track your time, set up projects, hourly rates cost estimates, milestones and much more.

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What's so special about mytrackr?

Set Your Hourly Rate

We don't assume a default rate or currency; We know everyone charges differently for their time. Fortunately, mytrackr allows you to easily set your hourly rate and currency in your settings page

Project Milestones

Set milestones for a project and mark them as completed once they're done, because ticking off important events feels so damn good!

Simple Time Tracking

Once you've set up your project, simply hit the "Log Time" button and go about your business. No annoying pop-ups or ads. Set it and don't forget to stop logging time once you're finished!

Granular Metrics

See how much your project is worth in terms of the time allocated to it, how much time you've spent, how much you have left, your milestones, and all of your previously logged time. All from your project dashboard!

Unlimited Projects

There's no limit imposed on the amount of projects you can have on mytrackr, so get out there and build your business.

Early Warning System

mytrackr will recognise once you're at 50, 80 and 100% of time utilised and send you a handy warning email, ensuring you never go over time again!

Free Early Access


While mytrackr is in Early Access, there are no fees. No Pricing Plans, nothing. All accounts registered whilst in Early Access will never be charged a penny!

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